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About Heroes of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm Trailer

Heroes of the Storm™ is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. Build and customize heroes from across every Blizzard universe to suit your play style. Team up with your friends and engage in fast-paced mayhem across varied battlegrounds that impact strategy and change the way you play the game.

Heroes represents more than 20 years of Blizzard gaming history, settings, and iconic characters, all mashed up into an epic, off-the-wall team brawler. Fight out classic showdowns such as Tyrael vs. Diablo and Arthas vs. Uther, or settle those late-night debates you’ve had about who’s the stronger leader—Raynor or Thrall? Could Zeratul take down Illidan in a fight? Who’s more badass . . . Kerrigan or the Demon Hunter from Diablo III? The combinations of Blizzard heroes and universes are endless. Each hero offers different strengths and weaknesses depending on their role.



Assassins like Kerrigan deal tremendous damage and can pick off unsuspecting enemies, but must choose their battles carefully, as they can dish more than they can take.


Warriors such as Diablo can dive right into a melee, soaking up damage and dealing it back.


Support heroes like Malfurion can swing the tide of battle, assisting with healing, buffs, or other abilities to manipulate the battle in the favor of allies.


Other types include the siege and commander heroes, which are more specialized roles that bring different strengths as you build a team.

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